Do Not miss your LAST chance to invest and become part of the global success

WOW – What a brilliant start! 🚀

Within a few days only, over 100 investors have joined in!

We would never have thought to reach the funding threshold so quickly and to have the funding goal of CHF 500,000 within reach after only a few days.

We aim to develop KA-EX into a global household name. Building on the Swiss Proof of Market, where KA-EX established itself as one of the top-selling products, we are now expanding internationally through collaboration with local Distribution Partners.

As published by, with the closing of this financing round in February 2023, we got the first batch of the required funds and – even more importantly, the right partners and advisors to kick-start our endeavor. We are going for one final investment round and launching the last crowd-investment campaign with in April 2023.

If you do not want to miss this last chance to invest in KA-EX, make sure to visit us on and learn more. 

A snapshot of our CEO Pedro Schmidt and ph. AG (KA-EX®) founder on stage at the Nutrition Capital Network Fall Investment summit in San Francisco in November 2022, addressing a gathering of prominent CPG investors, distributors, and experts in the nutraceuticals, supplements, and additives space.

Pedro Schmidt and ph. AG (KA-EX®) were the only European startup invited to present at the prestigious event, a testament to ph. AG (KA-EX®)‘s success in Europe and support for our expansion in the USA. Go KA-EX !! 🇺🇲 🚀